God Loves Israel

Impart the loving Heart of God for Israel to the Church
Encourage, train, coach, and mobilize Christians to pray for Israel
Teach a Biblical view of Israel and God’s everlasting covenants with her
Educate the churches about the Jewishness of Jesus
Proclaim the Good News of Yeshua, the Messiah of Israel, to the Jewish people
Stand with the Jewish people and fight antisemitism

Who we are

We love the God of Israel and Yeshua (Jesus), Israel's Messiah.

We have received a measure of God's love for His people.

We teach about God's Heart for Israel.

We train and mobilize Christians to pray for Israel.

We coach prayer leaders to pray for Israel with their group.

We have been full-time pastors for over thirty-five years.

Pierre and Laurence Bezençon

We have launched and lead a network of intercessors for Israel.
We gather intercessors in person and digitally.
We train and coach prayer leaders.
We teach churches to love and pray for Israel and the Jewish People.
We send prayer topics for Israel weekly.
We educate about Israel through teachings and books.

What we do

The Scripture explicitly exhorts us to pray for peace for Jerusalem in Psalms 122. Furthermore, the Apostle Paul clearly emphasizes the importance of the salvation of Jewish people in Romans 9-11 as part of God’s redemptive purpose. This 21-day devotional provides daily manna and scripturally rooted prayer guidance for us to agree with the Holy Spirit and one another on a 21-day focus to join His heart for Israel at this crucial hour of redemptive history. I highly recommend it.

Daniel Lim, IHOPKC CEO 2008-2020


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bird's eye photography of road on dessert
Coming soon:
Jesus, the most excellent Jew.
Can a Christian be an antisemite?

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